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Occupational Health - Safety and Environment Policy

Sumacorp is a service company and cares about people and its environment in creating and maintaining a safe and healthy working atmosphere as practical as possible in order to improve the quality of life.

The policy includes:

  • Education and involvement of employees, subcontractors and clients to uplift the issues of occupational health - safety and environment and to seek the improvement of its performance
  • Compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and standards including the ones developed by clients
  • Consideration mining community inputs to elaborate occupational health - safety and environment practices
  • Dissemination the policy and practices to all employees, subcontractors, clients, and mining community and communication of it with them to ask feedback

Occupational Health - Safety and Environment Model

  • Stakeholders are our partners in achieving client's goals which have been agreed by the clients and Sumacorp
  • Each people tends to have integrity, intelligence and awareness and wants to socialize with others. By providing a conducive working atmosphere, these masteries will be sharpened
  • People live in its environment and both always influence each other. Availability of resoruces suach as materials, machines and methods also takes roles in influencing people attitudes and how they react to environment
  • Policy, management plan and practices: Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Checklist and Emergency Response Plan (ERP) are therefore continuously improved

5R Concept